Friday, February 5, 2010


These are some very old works from the time I was a student in art school. My students who do pastel, please notice at first art work which is pastel on watercolour paper (70 x 90 cm), the way the skin tone is realized from up to 10 different tones. I saw you in class using up to 4 tones for one object, but the possibilities which pastel offers are just endless, take advantage. The original tones of this art work were about two tones lighter, unfortunately the drawing was darkened by fixing the pastel, and it lost its initial brightness.
Second art work is realized from life in about 2 and a half hours with indian ink and a japanese brush (Chris Orchard kindly lend me his brush) on watercolour paper. Model is young actress Lotte Crawford. I haven't seen this kind of watercolour paper anywhere for sale. If you travel, this is textured watercolour paper. Good watercolour paper is expensive and thick, I think I used something like 12 dollars paper with a very large texture, for the first drawing.

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