Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I have always dreamed of seeing Pina Bausch dancing on stage. Last year on the 30th of June Pina Bausch died, and an entire world died with her. Pina Bausch was a gentle soul who talked about love and tenderness with the same passion she described violence and brutality. Dance became life itself, just more real, more intense, strange and beautiful, the way only Pina saw it.

Bausch's oeuvre explores memories, questions of identity and the difficulty of human understanding. Frequently, she thematizes the difficulty of relations between the sexes.

"It is about life and about finding a language to describe life," she said. The choreographer, on the whole, usually avoided pinning down or labeling her creations, preferring to let her audiences make up their minds.

Her first works were criticized by traditional ballet fans. She became notorious for having her company dance on dirt, on leaves, in ankle-deep water, as well as for bringing them into direct contact with the audience.

Bausch was famed for her collaborative way of working. She would start by directing a barrage of questions at her dancers, who would respond with words, gestures, and improvised dance. "I'm not interested in how people move, but what moves them," she once famously stated.

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