Thursday, September 23, 2010


I discovered today a new glass artist. Dale Chihuly's work is brilliant, it is all about glass, but in unusual shapes, brilliant colours and light.
More information and images on Read what he says about Atlantis, one of his commissioned works:
"In one of the more challenging assignments, Sol Kerzner asked me to add my work into a very specific architecture of fantasy. The resort is built to evoke the mythical sunken continent of Atlantis. First were two Mayan temples, Temple of the Sun and Temple of the Moon, expressing all of creation and the dichotomy of opposition-the fiery sun, the cool moon, day and night. For the entrance, Crystal Gate used new forms and glassblowing techniques developed specially for this project. Sol was so happy with these three monumental sculptures that he commissioned a fourth grand piece, Atlantis Chandelier. Complex and graceful, expressing the wonders of all life forms, this one goes well beyond anyone’s expectations of “a Chihuly.” — Chihuly

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