Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Many of the still lives of Douane Kaiser are small still lives of the size of a postcard.
Here is what he says about direct observation painting: "We go through our lives with a perpetual cursory glance. We see but we don't notice. We simply aren't used to observing things firsthand, of investigating them, and I think we sense this--that we're missing something; that we have, to some degree, become spectators of our own lives. Cell phones, computers, TV, video, 24 hour news etc-- all of this information forms the visual equivalent of white noise. It is hard to see and appreciate the colors in a candle flame when it is seen against a fireworks display-- and if we are only looking for fireworks in the first place, we will not only not see the subtleties of that single flame, we won't notice the flame at all. In effect, the flame ceases to exist to us. Direct observation and the patience it requires has become less natural to us." Here is a small selection of his work. As you can see a large variety of everyday objects can become subjects for paintings. The way the artist sees them changes the ordinary into extraodinary. Happy painting!

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